Build your brand with Printing Planet UK

Feb 18

Building your fashion brand is a complicated journey with a lot of trial and error.
For many people, the amount of things that need to be taken care of and planned for may be overwhelming.
Thanks to today’s technology, however, many of these steps can be simplified, or outsourced to experts.


Designs are a crucial part of clothing. Every garment has some sort of design.
While no one will come up with ideas for you, there are professional designers that can help you with execution.
Whatever your idea is, a simple, printed t-shirt or a sophisticated pair of jeans with many details, our staff at Printing Planet UK will make sure your designs look 100%. We will inspect your design file and make sure the quality, colour and sizing is on point. Furthermore, depending on the desired printing technique, we might have additional recommendations on improving your artwork.

So you’ve got a design, what next?

Once you have a designed artwork, it’s time to pick a garment to print it onto.
There are thousands of plain garments available on the internet, from which you’ll need to pick the ones you like most.
In order to provide a wide variety of garments to our customers, but make it relatively easy to browse, we have launched our online product catologue.
You can browse all the garments we have access to, and when you find some you like, you can either order them directly from the shop, or have us order them for you, print, and deliver to your door.
With so many products available, we are certain you’ll find a combination of fit, colour and feel that’s perfect. Some of our best-selling brands include Gildan, Fruit of the Loom, Stanley/Stella, Russel and Bella+Canvas.

Producing your custom garments

With a design file approved, and a designated garment chosen, the work on producing your custom garments will begin. Printing Planet UK offers a wide range of garment printing services.

Vinyl printing

We can use vinyl to produce a durable print on a sports team shirt. If you decide to go for vinyl, there are various styles you can pick, like glitter, or premium flock. Go here to learn mroe about vinyl.

Direct to garment printing

Direct to garment (DTG) printing is our most popular technique. It produces vibrant, high-quality prints at low costs and in relatively little time. This is an extremely popular choice when it comes to producing custom t-shirts, and cotton garments alike.


Whether it is just your business’s logo, company name, or a custom artwork you made from scratch - You can’t go wrong with embroidery at Printing Planet UK.
View our pricing if you’re interested.

Finishing touches

While a great product speaks for itself, intristic details will help you take your brand to the next level.
That’s why we’re offering garment finishing services - Custom labels, tags and branded packaging.
Details like these will make your brand professional and memorable.