Let's talk about DTG printing

Jan 04

Does DTG produce good quality prints?

Direct to garment printing (DTG) is a faster, more efficient way to create printed shirts and other textiles in bulk.
It is an alternative to screen printing, which is the long-standing method for printed apparel.
How does the quality of DTG printing compare to screen printing? The quality of DTG printing depends on a variety of factors from the intricacy of the design to the printing equipment used.
Let’s explore the various aspects of DTG printing to help you determine if this is your best option.

DTG produces detailed prints

Many people question whether DTG printing can handle complex, detailed designs.
DTG printing method can handle any type of design, including those with multiple colors, gradients, shadows and even photographs.
A higher DPI (dots per inch) is possible with DTG printing, making it possible to print detailed, realistic images.

Fabric pre-treatment

The quality and longevity of the print can be improved by pretrating the garment.
Not only does it help the printing process go smoothly, it also helps the printed design last through many washes.

Colours stay vibrant

TexJet Echo 2 printer DTG printing is very effective for colourful images, including artwork that contains multiple hues of one colour.
Our TexJet Echo 2 printers and high quality ink allow our prints to last, and stand the test of time.

DTG vs Screen Printing

A question asked by many people is how DTG compares to good old screen printing.
Screen printing also produces vibrant, high quality results, but the process is significantly more labour itensive.
So while the quality and durability of the prints are very similar, the advantage of DTG is that once the design is sent to the printer, everything is done automatically with no human labour required.
Direct to garment printing does not require any additional setup costs.

Benefits of DTG printing

There are many reasons to choose DTG printing for your needs:

  • Speed - Create custom t-shirts, sweatshirts, pants, shorts, jackets and other apparel with fast turnaround times.
  • Automation - Once the design is sent to the printer, the process is completely automatic. No human is required to operate the printing press.
  • Efficiency - DTG is suitable for bulk and single print runs. The quantity does not matter as the process is automatic and has no set up costs.
  • Universal - Whether you want to print your logo, or a photograph, DTG guarantees a quality, durable result.
  • Unlimited palette - Unlike other printing methods, you can use any range of colours for your design with DTG.